GICAM Has Hosted 2nd Webinar of Series!

GI Capital Management has been hosting “GICAM Webinar Series” to help providing useful information to the investors in the recent investment environments.

On August 27, we held the second webinar dedicated to the theme, “Would Systematic Investment Management provide consistent and attractive return? – Qualitative Judgment in Systematic Management”. As the guest speakers, we invited Mr. Jason Hotra and Dr. Martin Emery from GMO (Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC) to present the following topics along with the post COVID-19 experiences since March:

  1. Characteristics of Systematic Investment Strategy in GMO
  2. Application of Qualitative (Discretional) Judgement
  3. Navigation of COVID-19

Comments and opinions provided by one of industry experts, Mr. Keisuke Ito, Director of Mizuho DL Financial Technology after the presentations to the guest speakers added flavor on this session prior to closing.

GI Capital Management will continue to hold webinars regularly as part of the same series. Please sign up for to join us on our third webinar titled “Climate Change and Investment Strategies” planning at 10:00 am on September 15th.

For inquiries regarding the GICAM webinar series, please contact the following: