Japan & Asian Fund Raising: Services and Process


  • Legal, Compliance, Tax
  • LP Investor Perspectives
  • Due Diligence Feasibility
  • Organizational design succession planning, leadership
  • Introduce and screen Japanese securities firms
  • Negotiate Japan Partner agreement
  • Monitor and communicate

Limited Clients

  • Japan team works with maximum of 9 to 10 clients at one time
  • No overlapping strategies
  • Deep understanding of clients’ products and strategies
  • Recruit “dedicated marketing professional” for more specialized coverage

Exclusive Mandates

  • Client is represented on an exclusive basis
  • Clients’ management and marketing team works closely with Japan or Asian based partners
  • Investor road shows and Japan/Asian investor meetings are managed carefully as part of the marketing process


  • Time taken to understand investment firm, products, and goals
  • Define marketing strategy
  • Match client profile to shortlist of potential investors
  • Organize road shows and meetings
  • Collect feedback and follow up

Full Services licensed Partners

  • Asian platforms are legally compliant with one or more licenses, including: Type I Financial Instruments Business; Type II Financial Instruments Business; Investment Advisory (IA); Investment Management (IM)
  • Provide all front office and back office support, including client support, transportation, documentation/reporting, logistical support for Japan/Asian roadshows and conference calls

Professional Qualifications – international standards

  • High caliber professional staff
  • Background from leading Japanese and global financial institutions
  • Strong relationships with key stakeholders at Japanese Pension Funds, Financial Institutions, and Retail HNW Distribution networks
  • English, Japanese, Korean language expertise
  • Deep understanding of investor needs

Client Satisfaction

  • Independency from any financial or holding company
  • Strict Vetting: By former institutional PMs and marketers
  • Fund Concentration – 8 to 10 mandates at a time
  • Engagement with a limited number of clients
  • Credibility
  • Success on Exclusive Fund Mandates

Investment Advisory and Consulting

  • Unification of 3 Dimensions:
    • Comprehensive solution for investor needs
    • Advisory/Consulting with strategic insight and business planning
    • Fund placement/Distribution with close investor relations
  • Relationship-driven, not Transaction-driven
  • Experienced Team of 15 Professionals
  • USD 1.5 Billion Raised