Core Values

Strictly limit number of clients

  • GI Capital will only represent 9-10 full client mandates at a time
  • Our position as a fully functional outsourced business development unit is only possible if we are fully engaged with a limited number of clients

Exclusive mandates only

  • GI Capital will only accept full mandates to represent clients on an exclusive basis
  • Exclusive can refer to a specific product, however we cannot execute on a strategic plan for a client if there are others in the same marketplace potentially delivering the story in a manner inconsistent with our own.
  • This does not include the GP’s own internal sales resources, if they exist.

Intimate strategy and portfolio familiarity

  • To become effective alternative asset sales professionals, who can speak about the strategy, the process and the portfolio creation, GI Capital Client Captain will participate in the client’s regular investment committee meetings.
  • While we will protect client confidentiality at all times, we will make sure to have full command of the client portfolio.

We provide solutions, not push products

  • GI Capital’s model is to maintain constructive investor dialogues and data regarding their needs, strategy preferences, risk tolerances, regional interests, asset classes, and overall objectives.
  • Therefore, we are not selling client products, we are suggesting solutions.