Our Service Philosophy

Limited number of clients

GI Capital will only work on nine to ten client mandates at a time
Our position as a fully functional outsourced business development unit works only to the extent we are engaged with a limited number of clients
By working with a limited client base, we can completely be conversant on our clients’ process and portfolio construction, resulting in a premium level of service and results.

Exclusive mandates only

GI Capital will accept mandates to represent clients only on an exclusive basis
Exclusivity can refer to a specific product; however, we cannot execute our strategic plan for a client if there are others in the same marketplace potentially delivering the story in a manner inconsistent with our approach.
Please note that we will work with the manager’s internal marketer(s), if any.

Marketing and fundraising efforts tailored to the client’s needs: long-term partnership

From the outset, we will get involved to precisely understand the specific profile, strategy and objectives of the fund/the client and define a tailored marketing strategy targeting Japan.

Marketing and fundraising efforts tailored to the client’s needs and objectives:
long-term partnership

  • Our mandate is to be at every step of the client’s marketing process in gaining access to Japanese investors:
    1. defining a marketing strategy;
    2. matching your specific profile to a shortlist of potential investors;
    3. organizing roadshows and meetings; and
    4. collecting feedback and following up.
  • We view the relationship between the client and our team as a long-term partnership. Our objective would be to assist the client in winning long-term investors and allocations out of Japan.

Providing solutions to our investors

  • GI Capital’s approach is to maintain constructive, continuous investor dialogues and data regarding their needs, strategy preferences, risk tolerances, regional interests, investable asset classes, and overall objectives.
  • Given the above, we are in a position to take on an advisory role for our investors and suggest solutions.