Risks and Commissions (Investment Advisory Fees) Associated with Financial Instruments Transaction Contracts

Financial instruments and derivative transactions handled under discretionary investment agreements, investment advisory agreements, and other financial instruments trading agreements may involve the following risks.

Additionally, if you enter into a financial product transaction contract, you will be responsible for specified fees and expenses. Please note that the risks, rewards, fees, etc., borne by you may vary depending on the contents of the financial product transaction contract and the financial products or derivative transactions handled. Therefore, please review the pre-contractual documents, explanations provided at the time of entering into the financial product transaction contract, and materials provided to you.

Risks Associated with Financial Instruments Transaction Contracts

Although the risks borne by each financial instrument and derivative transaction differ, there is a possibility that the price of stocks, currencies, etc. in which you invest may fall and losses may be incurred due to the effects of domestic and international economic and political conditions, interest rate fluctuations, changes in the performance or financial condition of the issuer, etc.

Fees and Expenses Related to Financial Instruments Transaction Contracts

When a financial product transaction agreement is concluded, the specified fees and costs (such as brokerage commissions for financial instruments, indirect management fees in structured investment trusts, trust fees, auditing costs, etc.) vary depending on the financial products handled and the details of the derivative transactions. Accordingly, we cannot provide an advance indication of the fees and costs. Likewise, we cannot provide an advance total of the fees and costs. Please verify these details in the pre-contractual documents or in the materials provided at the time of explanation when contracting financial instruments transactions.