Appian Capital ESG Forum Tokyo 2023 was held

GI Capital Management Ltd. (“GICAM”) and Appian Capital Advisory (“Appian”), a private equity firm specializing in the mining sector, jointly held the “Appian Capital ESG Forum Tokyo 2023” on September 28, 2023. The event was well attended by a wide range of participants, including institutional investors who promote ESG investment, ESG promotion persons of business corporations, and metals and mineral resources and ESG promotion persons of general trading companies.

With the largest in-house technical and engineering team in the industry, Appian provides investors with unparalleled access to investment opportunities by investing in small to mid-sized mineral resource companies with profitability potential based on in-depth analysis and value enhancement with highly specialized support. The company is also committed to leading-edge ESG initiatives based on the belief that getting the environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects right will lead to sustainable development of the mining industry and, in turn, maximize investment returns.

This forum focused on Appian’s outstanding ESG initiatives, including the creation of quality jobs, contribution to local communities, environmental conservation through water quality maintenance and reforestation of mineral resource sites, and efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, with specific examples at their portfolio companies. Appian also introduced the significance of and opportunities for investment in the mining sector, which is closely linked to the energy transition, as the demand for mineral resources needed to generate clean energy is expected to increase by a factor of five by 2050.

GICAM, as a securities and asset management company focusing on alternative investments, will continue to provide excellent overseas investment products and solutions to meet the diverse needs of Japanese investors.

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